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We believe in

un·com·mon: not ordinarily encountered: unusual 2: remarkable, exceptional.


Anyone can stick a sign in the yard and sell a house.  Our definition of success is to get the highest price and quickest sale, by giving our Seller’s the best advice to net them the most money possible in the sale of their home.  From the twilight HD Photos, hand-calligraphed Nosy Neighbor Open House invitations, multiple offer orchestrations, pre-listing consultations regarding which updates will procure the highest ROI, signature staging…it’s all uncommon- and we love doing it that way!


We believe in

Our Clients become an extended family to us.  We continue to be there for help or advice even after the ‘Deal’ is done– from ongoing decorating & updates, giving them yearly Annual Reviews of their home in the current market, contractor referrals, should they refinance or not, is it time to buy another investment property…the list is endless.  They come to our Thanksgiving and Cookie Day events…because that’s what friends & families do…they ask “What do you need and how can I help?” or “Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while- come on over we’re having a cookout!”  Whether we’re advocating for them or having fun with them, the Golden Rule rules.


We believe in

We know that we did not achieve the success we have on our own- we are thankful to have learned from extraordinary Realtors who have gone before us.  With that gratitude, we continue to mentor other Realtors helping them to be better equipped to help their Clients.  We are ever conscious of the difference we can make “In our little corner of the world”.  The opportunities are endless- helping organizations like the Tessa House, Casa, NAMI, and, bringing a little sunshine & cheer to residents in assisted living communities, or most recently making dozens of N95 masks for those who couldn’t get them.  We love doing the little bit we have the opportunity to do and truly believe if every person just did their little bit of something…the entire world would be cared for.



Let our family help your family in all your real estate needs.

We’re a family who has always been the “house where everyone comes”, the house where our friends bring their friends to experience the fun and make memories. We understand that finding our Buyers the house in which the memories of a lifetime will be made takes thoughtful questions about how they like to spend time in their home. Entertaining friends or a respite away from the world, does it need a room for artistic endeavors, a mancave, a quiet home office? Then after careful attention to all the details and desires… that’s when we know the home we’re looking for.

About Us


Image by Thomas AE


95% of all homes purchased are found by the photos online, therefore the photos must be the kind/quality that makes a Buyer stop scrolling and be captivated by your home.  HD twilight photos paint the picture of the cozy glow enjoyed in your home in the evening.  It shows off the sunset or city lights that your house has- a Buyer can’t imagine this since they come for showings during the day.


HD photos ensure that there are no dark corners or feel to the rooms in your home while still showing the trees/views out your windows.

3D Virtual Tours- In the Springs we have a significant number of Buyers who buy their new home here while still living in other states or overseas.  3D virtual tours enable Buyers to walk through your home without being there and feel confident enough to purchase your home without having been in it.



Staging and Decorating are not the same things, our staging sets your house apart amidst the competition.

Decorating is what you do according to your style.  If done too much in one particular style you’ve alienated every potential Buyer who can’t imagine their things in your home.

Staging is the fine intuitive art of:

 1. Knowing what your potential Buyers preferences are (an Agent who works with many Buyers every year knows exactly what that is and isn’t).

2. Being able to take all the colors in your home (some which can’t be changed like flooring, counters, or dated wall colors) and with personally picked Décor can transform the feel and the desirability of your home without having to renovate every inch to procure a high sales price. 

Image by Charles Deluvio


Now that your perfectly staged home with twilight shots has driven a dozen Buyers to your door, each wanting to make your home theirs, a multiple offer situation ensues.  Telling each Buyer’s Agent to send their Highest & Best by Sunday at 6 will not get you any more than the Buyer is willing to throw into the dark.

Orchestrating a finely tuned “Upping the sales price” from one Buyer to the next, over 2-3 days, all while keeping them in the race to get your home and not bailing from fear is the way it should be done.



Briarcrest in Colorado Springs, Colorado

that's what we do.


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