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The Watts Team Real Estate in Colorado Springs, CO



We are a family that has always been business owners outside of Real Estate. So, we understand that if the numbers don’t make sense it doesn’t work. Whether we’re buying or selling for Homeowners or Investors we dive deep into all the numbers, stats, and trends so that we can fully inform our clients, enabling them to make the best decisions about how next to proceed. Having accomplished so many things together through the decades both in family & business, we have developed the same work ethic. We can seamlessly tag-team clients from differing transactions when the need arises. Our family helping your family. It’s what we love to do!

Lei Lonnie Watts
Josh Watts
Liz Watts

Lei Lonnie Watts

Colorado Springs Realtor

Longing for the mountains, Lei Lonnie and her family moved to Colorado Springs in 1994 settling in a neighborhood on Cheyenne Mountain, fell in love with the history, heroism, beauty, and uniqueness that is Colorado Springs. Some of her favorite things: Snow skiing, hiking, art, calligraphy, redesigning interiors, costume design, watching Colorado Springs skies take her breath away, wrapping presents, faux finishing, mentoring young girls, and being a Gramzie to Mady who is always planning something… a get-together, costume, artistic piece or new entrepreneurial endeavor.


A few of her favorites:

CASA, TESSA, Woodmen Valley Chapel’s 2020 Challenge & ACTS Fund.

josh Watts

Colorado Springs Realtor

Josh was born in Tulsa Oklahoma and moved to the Springs in 1994.  He started working at a young age with his dad and brother doing jewelry manufacturing.  Eventually, he decided to join his mom, Lonnie, in real estate!  Josh has a knack and love for helping people find the perfect home at a good price to update it and turn a great profit selling it a few years down the road, or get the perfect rental property that will put money in their pockets monthly. 


He will work tirelessly to find families their dream homes.  Josh loves traveling and has traveled to 43 of the 50 states. He loves talking and test-driving cars, the music of 5 decades, concerts, spending time with friends and family whether it be a cabin in Salida, northern woods of Minnesota, the heart of Salt Lake City, beaches of Florida, or excursions to Mexico.

LIZ watts

Executive Assistant

Liz fell in love with Colorado as a teenager visiting family that lived there.  Liz had the opportunity after high school to move to Colorado Springs for a nanny job, a couple of her best friends moved from Illinois as well, which made the transition fun and exciting!  A couple years later Liz met the love of her life and husband, Lonnie’s younger son Tyler.  In 2007 they had their daughter Madelynn.  Liz spent Mady’s early years as a stay at home mom enjoying all that job had to offer!  Once Mady started school Liz started working with her husband at their custom jewelry & repair shop. 


There was a lot of time spent as a ‘Dance Mom’ while Mady competitively danced for years.  As the real estate business grew for her in-laws, Lonnie and Josh, they were ready for an assistant, they did not have to look too far!  Liz was a perfect for joining The Watts Team!  She values her family and friends more than anything, and time with them is her favorite, especially trips back to Illinois.  Liz also loves cooking, evening walks with her family, watching a Cubs game with her husband, a good glass of wine with friends, and she will never turn down babysitting for a friend..especially if it’s a baby!

We really appreciated their guidance and help along with their sense of humor. The weekend of the opening there was a bunch of snow and we were away and Josh came and cleared our driveway which we thought was above and beyond what they needed to do. They were always ready to talk to us and keep us informed especially coordinating with, us since we were moving out of state.

 Michael & Becky Parrinella

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