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  • Lei Lonnie Watts

The Tale of 2 Listings

When Sellers have called upon us to come to give our expertise and list their home, I always ask them “What is the most important thing to you in selling your home?”

  • Highest sales price/net in your pocket?

  • Quick Sale?

  • Timing?

  • Something else?

The answer is usually a combination of the above, but more often than not, the highest sales price/net in their pocket ranks right at the top. This blog will illustrate one of the factors in getting the highest sales price and consequently the highest net in the pockets of both seller’s homes.

Please notice that both Listings have:

  • Professional photos taken of them before and after by the same photographer

  • Particular, prescribed updates (We gave each homeowner a specific list which included the color palette of walls, carpet, and various other things per home to get the highest sales price)

  • Before staging and after staging results

Note: We are always met with a perplexed look when we talk about the items that could be done to achieve a higher Net in their pocket…. their quick comment and questions are always the same:

“But we don’t want to/can’t afford to spend money on this house, we’re moving and need all the money we can keep for our new home!”

We are quick to assure them that “Not everything needs to be updated to achieve the highest sales price in your neighborhood…just a few specific particulars.” Additionally, we guarantee them that if they choose to do any of the items we suggest on our list, the net in their pockets will be almost double for what they spent on each item. (Not every seller decides to do updates, and that’s perfectly fine with us, but our fiduciary duty to every Client is to give them our Intel and Expertise so that they can make a fully informed decision and take advantage of it according to their desires and needs.)

Factor One:

A Seller Needs to get their Listing in front of the most Buyers possible, and the photos need to “Compel” the buyer to open the listing photos, fall in love online, set a showing, fall in love and then write the highest offer possible.

These pages show how many Buyers looked at each listing before and after the sellers did their list of prescribed items. What a difference in the count!

Before Stats

After Stats

We’re thrilled to report that both sellers:

  • Went under contract the 1st weekend they were live in the MLS

  • Achieved a much higher sales price/net in their pocket than all of their neighbors in the same time frame

  • The amount they spent on the updates were at the very least doubled in the sales price they enjoyed receiving

As always, the goal of our blog will be to offer intel, influence & inspiration for all your Real Estate needs. Let us know how we may assist You!


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